Wildfires: Truckers Still Trucking

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The wildfires are causing highways to close on top of everything else.

The fires are already disrupting wildlife and nature, caused by climate change and poor actions caused by politics, the economy, and bad habits. All of these causes abrupt all at once into flames. It impacts everybody!

Truckers in Oregon are experiencing their days thrown off too. The closures of the highways are forcing them to drive down alternate routes. This will indefinitely expand their travel time.

If they aren’t told to move elsewhere, they are instructed to pull over and wait it out. At least they can have a moment!

Some travel can be prevented but when it comes to work since work NEVER stops, some people have to breathe in this poor air quality.

Truckers have to haul consumers’ high demands. Since COVID-19, online orders have increased. And what does this mean? The trucking industry doesn’t stop for a second. Not even during the destruction that is happening in the US.

The wildfires are burning ages worth of trees. If that’s not devastating enough, this fire season has seen more fires than last year’s.

Something needs to be done here. Our Earth needs help! So instead of thinking about ordering something from across the country, how about considering something more local? Everything makes a difference.

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