Volvo Plant Union Members Deny The Latest Development In Labor Deal

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Recently, the United Auto Workers (UAW) had to deny a five-year labor agreement. It likely would’ve been able to cover about 2,900 members for Volvo Trucks North America NRV Truck Assembly Plant. These are all of the members for UAW Local #2069. The employees are looking toward reporting on Monday May 17th. There’s hope for the UAW to come to an agreement with Volvo, according to the NRV Vice President and General Manager Franky Marchand. UAW International Director of PR, Brian Rothenberg, made it known that local members of the Truck Assembly Plant had local members vote against common language by a 91% margin. The hourly language saw defeat at a 91% margin. As far as the salary language to be defeated by 83%. UAW Local 2069 members are hoping to go back to work building trucks soon enough.

The Contract negotiations began earlier on February 8th, while the UAW Local 2069 workers decidedly went on strike at about April 17th. The union strike had to end April 30th, after two weeks of stoppage when both the truck builders and Volvo came to an agreement on a five-year-deal.

Some of the five-year contracts set by Volvo have not been understood by the general public.

The NRV plant was employing 3,300 folks with only 2,900 of them actually being members of the UAW too often. The plant came in the middle of so many technology upgrades that Volvo had been planning. This was also in anticipation of site expansion and preparation for future projects. This may very well include the Volvo VNR Electric truck. The plant was able to bring in 1,100 jobs being since the last union agreement had been implemented in 2016. There had been a net increase of about 600 positions in 2021. So when trucks get to be building, there’ll only be one group of individuals to talk to. The same union members still have to work for wages lesser than what they deserve.

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