Volvo and Aurora Team up on fully autonomous trucks for N.A.

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Volvo has partnered with the self-driving startup Aurora on a new lineup of fully autonomous semi-trucks. Both companies have just announced. In North America, the trucks will be deployed on highly visited hub-to-hub routes.

Volvo and Aurora Deal Goes Back Several Years

Volvo Autonomous Solutions and Aurora’s deal is a “long-term partnership spanning several years.” It was founded by former executives from Google, Tesla, and Uber.

A Future of Fully Driverless Passenger Vehicles and Trucks

Moreover, this particular and latest partnership between an important OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and an autonomous technology startup. Therefore, this is occurring and significant as the industry goes on to slowly move toward a future with more fully driverless vehicles and trucks on the road.

Aurora Driver Hardware and Software Stack

In its test of fleet of minivans and Class 8 trucks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Aurora has been testing its “Aurora Driver” hardware and software stack since last year. The company has said that its first commercial service will be in trucking. It is unlike its rivals. They are for the majority focusing on robotaxi applications. The unit economics are at the top. Moreover, the level of service requirements is most obligating.

Volvo Believes in Close Partnerships With Customers and Tech Partners

“It’s essential to create a workable autonomous on-highway offering. It requires close partnerships with both customers and tech partners to develop the required capabilities,” says Nils Jaeger, president of Volvo Autonomous Solutions, in a statement.

“This thrilling partnership brings our goal of transport as a service a pertinent step closer and will speed up our commercial offer for hub-to-hub applications throughout North America.”

Aurora has Raised Hundreds of Millions

Moreover, Aurora has raised $690 million in funding to date. Lauded as the ‘Henry Ford of autonomous vehicles,’ is co-founder and CEO Chris Urmson. This honor has come about because of his work to help pioneer Google’s self-driving car initiative. In fact, Urmson’s co-founders are Sterling Anderson and Drew Bagnell. Anderson helped lead Tesla’s Model X project. Bagnell ran a research lab at Carnegie Mellon. From there, he left to work on autonomous vehicles at Uber, Fiat Chrysler, Hyundai, and EV startup Byton that is Aurora customers.

His co-founders are Sterling Anderson, who helped lead Tesla’s Model X project, and Drew Bagnell, who ran a research lab at Carnegie Mellon then left to work on autonomous vehicles at Uber. Fiat Chrysler, Hyundai, and EV startup Byton are also Aurora customers.

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