Virus Protection: Staying Safe While On The Road

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With many states locking down due to the new virus, many within the trucking industry are feeling the harsh blow. While on the road, it may have its benefits as this time depends on many people making limited contact with one another.

While the rest of the world has seemed to slow down, the increase in “panic-buying” has stores across the country lacking the necessary supplies. Truckers have become overnight heroes (if not already) by making sure many stores remain stocked. While many of us can sit comfortably at home and work remotely, the trucker is constantly out and about. This does NOT mean that they are more likely to catch the disease, though. Here are a few tips to help you stay secure during your travels.

Getting Gas

A big preventer of bacteria and germs can be to use alcohol wipes when handling fuel pumps. Fuel pumps typically see hundreds of hands per day. Now, this is not to create paranoia as the statistics of catching the disease or still low. This is merely a precaution for those on the road. This can also simply help with cutting down the spread of other sickly germs. It is never a great idea to be sick while on the road, but in the current times, it’s better to not have to question yourself.

Having Enough Food In Your Cab

In order to prevent any virus from spreading in the US, many restaurants have closed their doors. Many events, groups, and activities have been cut back in order to maintain a solid foothold against the new virus. That being said, having a well-stocked supply of rations will help you stay fed while still being able to deliver your payload.

Trucking Is Inherently Isolating For Virus Time

The trucking industry is one of the most isolating positions one can take. The majority of the time is spent on the road, in the cab and does not involve heavy human contact. It’s a lonely life for a trucker and for our current time, it might get a little lonelier. Make sure you are in constant contact with family members and friends. There isn’t a necessity to shake hands at this time either so do not feel you are rude for opting out.

We Would like to Extend a Big Thank You To Truckers Across the Country During This Virus

One of the biggest issues facing the country right now is a shortage of food, sanitary equipment, and toilet paper. Where the only way citizens will have the ability to obtain these items being truckers, many are reliant on resupplying local stores and chains. It is the efforts that truckers take to ensure that we have enough stocked supplies to last through self-isolation. Truckers typically spend days or even weeks away from their families, which is already a strain for many, adding a virus on top of exacerbates the need for wanting to be home safe with the family. For those out on the roads, we say Thank You.

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