Trucking-Reliant Industries Ask for Looser Emissions Rule

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The organizations came together to write a letter to the President.
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Across the United States, countless organizations have united to ask President Biden to reconsider his federal restrictions regarding tailpipe emissions from light, medium, and heavy-weight vehicles. There are over 100 organizations and groups that have banded together, all with varying degrees of interest in the trucking industry.

The united front of all of the organizations sent a letter to Biden in mid-July explaining their feelings toward the rule. In the letter, they detailed the issues they have been having with the Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal and why they believe the rule will not ultimately help consumers, the U.S. energy, nor the economy.

The proposal from the EPA would instate standards for how Greenhouse Gas Emissions are handled for Heavy-Duty Vehicles. It would roll out the requirements for these vehicles in Phase 3. It also would affect future models of vehicles made in 2027 or later for light-duty or medium-duty vehicles.

The letter was backed by state organizations from 43 of the 50 states.

The states ranged from Alaska and Colorado to New York and Tennessee. Each of these states involved in the letter feels equally that the EPA’s rule will prevent them from being about to effectively identify which method will ultimately be the most cost-efficient and most overall efficient in reducing the amount of greenhouse gas emissions.

In the letter, the organizations also expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that the rule does not take into account the in-progress emission reduction techniques. They spoke on the fact that many entities are in the progress of designing and developing methods that will lower emissions in a more effective, beneficial way. They speak regretfully stating that if trucks are forced to rush their emission reduction process, they will not be able to reap the benefits of the developing processes.

Aside from the state entities that backed the letter, there also were many other organizations from industries that would be directly or indirectly affected by the ruling. There were state and national agricultural groups, fuel dealers, refiners, convenience store/truck stop operators, petroleum marketers, the Florida Trucking Association, and the Pennsylvania Motor Truck Association.

At this time the President’s Administration has not yet issued a response to the letter publicly. It is unclear if they will and/or when they will.

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