Trucking Company Owner Hauls Aid to the Assist of Refugees

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Refugees of Russia Aided by Truck Company Owner
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Trucking company owner Bogdan Golosinskiy said he left Ukraine with his family when he was 9 years old. Also, he is unable to ignore the plight of hundreds of thousands of people attempting to flee the country. This is since Russia did launch its full-scale military invasion Thursday.

Trucking Company – Safe Way Carrier

Golosinskiy, on Monday, who is the founder of Safe Way Carrier, headquartered in Strafford, Missouri, did fly to Warsaw, Poland. There he provided humanitarian relief to the refugees. They are reportedly waiting in lines up to 18 miles long. The refugees are in cars or on foot at the Ukraine-Poland border.

Bogdan Golosinskiy – Urgent Need to Help Refugees

“Moreover, I was young when I left Ukraine. Really, I never thought it would affect me this emotionally as it did. That was when I saw that Russia had invaded,” Golosinskiy said. “It was a last-minute decision to go. There are a lot of humanitarian organizations that did jump on this situation pretty quickly. However, as soon as the war escalated, they were then all told to leave Ukraine right away.”

On Thursday, since Ukrainian officials did announce Thursday that all men between the ages of 18 and 60 cannot leave the country, many of the husbands and fathers have been forced to drop their loved ones as close to border crossings as is really possible. Then to turn around and also head back into the war-torn nation.

Also, the humanitarian aid organizers are waiting now for people at the borders of Poland, Hungary, Romania, and other bordering countries. Golosinskiy and others are really concerned about those waiting for days in the cold without food, water, or shelter. Now, he is working with church organizations to then provide relief at all border crossings into Poland.

“In fact, we are going to be setting up tents with generators for heat, food, coffee, tea, also anything to help them while they are waiting for the line to move into Poland,” he said. 

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