Transportation Employment Stays Uneven In Latest Estimates

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There’s a new update on employment information according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ transportation and warehousing sector, with a likelihood of exaggerated employment. Such specifics won’t be revealed until the upcoming February. Within the preliminary estimate, there’s an incoming revision of the yearly benchmark for employment levels, while showing a steep drop of 146,400 jobs within the warehousing and transportation sector. There’s a very steep decline seen in this benchmark at a rate of 2.2%. The employment in the sector through July, all while the report showed only 6,721,500 jobs in the transportation sector.

The various subsectors in transportation and warehousing shows a varying amount of job totals.

In rising order in scenic and sightseeing transportation (37,000), pipeline transportation (47,100), water transportation (66,900), rail transportation (150,400), transit and ground passenger transportation (436,000), air transportation (543,700), support activities for transportation (819,200), couriers and messengers (1,117,400), truck transportation (1,604,300) and warehousing and storage (1,899,500).

Such changes aren’t going to affect data upon the employment levels, within the transportation and warehousing sector through the normal revisions. BLS data usually shows to two revisions as there’s one each in two months after it’s been originally published. This is all to say that there could be better numbers in trucking.

Without proper work from truckers, everything is left in an unknown state. You have to be the best you can be for your industry. Otherwise, the whole thing falls apart. It’s like Jenga. You don’t want to be bad at Jenga, because then it brings everyone else down.

Furthermore, the important thing to keep in mind about trucking in general is that it makes the world go around. Without trucking, it’s not necessarily fair to anyone that things don’t pan out in the range of payment for the employees. That type of thing is important to maintain no matter what. And if you don’t consider yourself to be up-to-date with that sort of respect, it’s about time that you received it.

No one deserves to be ripped off in the sense of not getting the moolah that they need to make their family survive through the tough times in life no one should ever be accustomed to. The OOIDA and the FMCSA really need to step in and make a difference for all the truckers out there, navigating the roads of America, ever so willingly. While not taking such goodwill for granted in such instances.

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