Training Day, Everyday! At Least, The FMCSA Says So

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When it comes to entry-level driver training, there are specific requirements that need to be met for new drivers. This is to fulfill the qualifications in order to be stay capable enough to meet the needs of driving a truck. Throughout the whole trucking industry, state agencies and traffic schools alike are doing their damnedest to step up the communications.

The final rule published to formally extend the deadline to February 7th, 2022 states clearly that the FMCSA wants to give more guidance while we come into less than a year before “the compliance date approaches.” Within the ELDT, there are standards ready for behind-the-wheel training. This is to go in effect for February 2020, not long after a delay from 2017. The FMCSA wanted to allow the agency a higher likelihood to improve upon the Training Provider Registry (TPR) while also giving time for state driver licensing agencies (SLDAs). This is to modify IT systems in order to properly coordinate data with the TPR.

The FMCSA follows the extension date that allows training requirements to be under the control of the ELDT final rule.

The details of that involve SLDAs to confirm applicants for Commercial Driving Licenses. These have already taken care of their ELDT prerequisites before taking on a skills test. Drivers seek a CDL or endorsement to complete training set in the ELDT final rule. Training providers allow for driver-specific ELDT certification information to the TPR.

But this has been going back and forth for a while now. According to the Commercial Vehicle Training Association, the compliance date was to extend by two years, as early as November 2019. In itself, the FMCSA ought to create “greater efforts” to communicate to the trucking industry. If only they did that, then there would be less trouble regarding IT interfacing requirements. Specifically, for state agencies. CVTA President and Chief of Executive Operations A. Bailey Wood, had this to say, in a statement he made before. The first issue in terms of the association’s priorities is implementation of the [ELDT] rule and making sure the states are ready for it as well as the industry.”

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