Tractor-Trailers Are Banned From Interstate 95, According To The DOT

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When you hit the road as a trucker, you constantly have to be surveying your surroundings. You’ll never know what type of wackiness will come across your sights. Specifically on Interstate 95. If it hasn’t been made abundantly clear before, that part of town won’t have you. That is, if you’re hauling tractor-trailers. This is unfortunately because of some major crashes happening over there.

The Delaware Department of Transportation themselves made it known that tractor-trailers are no longer welcome to use the northbound lanes through that zone of construction in Wilmington.

The DelDOT makes note that as of September 21st, coming in from I-495 towards the Brandywine River Bridge of Wilmington, vehicles that are two-axle and buses are alone allowed to utilize the northern lanes of I-95. DelDOT believes that this restriction is supposedly in-place to reduce truck crashes in that area of the I-95 construction zone.

It’s been like this since the beginning of February, where nearly two dozen crashes have involved tractor-trailers around such a construction zone. This is baffling and troubling and something so wonderful that not everyone may be totally aware of. And yet, it’s happening.

Transportation Secretary Nicole Majeski majestically made this announcement: “While the tractor-trailer operators are not always at fault in these incidents, these crashes have shut down the roadway for lengthy periods of time and this is an additional step we are taking to increase safety in the construction zone.”

Yet the restriction cannot quite apply to the I-95 southbo und, being that multiple access points have a tough time to enforce the restriction. In any case, the DelDOT wants tractor-trailers to avoid collisions and will likely reiterate how crucial this is for vehicles with two axles to utilize I-495. This restriction may seem hasty. But surely, it’s a necessary evil that must happen if people are to learn from their mistakes.

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