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Tow Truck Insurance

Are you the proud owner of a tow truck? Do you operate a tow truck? If you answered ‘yes’ to either of these, then you already know how valuable tow trucks are. Tow trucks do the dirty work of moving vehicles that their owners can’t move alone.

SafeLine Insurance happily sets you up with the plan that not only protects your business but does the same for whatever your truck is hauling. SafeLine guarantees your cargo is protected too.

Tow Truck Insurance that Fits Your Needs

Since the tow truck is instrumental in moving other vehicles – ones that often aren’t working – it’s extra important to get a first-rate insurance package. After all, you want the truck and the automobile it’s towing to be protected.

Getting the legally required insurance is the first and most important step on this journey. The state of California mandates liability insurance for any commercial vehicle. This covers all property damage and bodily injury if the tow truck is responsible.

SafeLine Insurance also suggests several other types of insurance. These include:

  • Physical Damage Insurance – This consists of two parts, Collision Insurance, and Comprehensive Insurance. Collision Insurance covers a tow truck in the case of a collision. While Comprehensive Insurance covers natural occurring incidents like a collision with an animal or a fire.
  • On-Hook Towing Insurance – On-Hook insurance protects the car being towed.

Now that you understand the nuts and bolts of Tow Truck Insurance give us a call at SafeLine!