The Mack LR Knows How Capable You Are… And Pushes Harder!

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There’s an automatic transmission handled by the Mack LR like you wouldn’t believe.

What does the Mack LR have?

For starters, it has the 320 – 355 horsepower with 1000 – 1260 torque. There’s also a GVW of 43,000 to 72,000. There’s also an MP7 for an engine with 11-liter capacity, that gives off 1260 lb-feet. Cummins Westport L9N also comes with natural has capability. The transmissions are automatic like the Allison 4500 series or the Allison 3000 series.

The Drive axles that come with the Mack LR include the Mack® C150/151 Axle Carriers and Meritor. As for the Front Axle, rely on the Mack® FXL 20.

The suspensions can range from anywhere like the Mack Camelback while the Standard Optionals include memory mirrors and a natural gas engine. There is also headlamp protection and a 16″ steering wheel.

Honestly, this Mack LR looks like it can handle any heavy-duty job.

Afterall, it is “a versatile, low-entry refuse truck with flexible configurations to help drivers stay safe and productive.” So the site says. What I say is that the Mack LR is zippy looking and pretty reliable probably.
Believe it or not, LR stands for Low-Ride… Take it easy!

It’s a forward control cab-over-engine type of vehicle. It allows a step up from the ground to the cab floor of only 17 inches (43 cm). There’s a stand-up right-side (curb) driving position. Total loaded weight can go all the way up to 72,000 pounds (33,000 kg).

Advanced electronics used for engine, chassis, and body controls, include ABS or anti-lock braking system . The service brakes can be applied electrically, for the driver to leave with them on. This system additionally shifts the transmission in neutral when properly applied. Not to mention, there are a couple locations to put in a joystick and other technological controls.

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