Tesla New Giant Supercharger with 100 Stalls is Agreed

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Tesla Supercharger with 100 stalls is confirming for a region in California in one of the company’s most renowned charging locations. With over 100 stalls on the site, the one location for the Supercharger is on track to become the world’s largest Tesla charging station to the present date. 

Tesla Supercharger Makes History

This Supercharger has been around for quite a while. In fact, it was the site of Tesla’s first Supercharger, the company’s briefly lived battery swap program. Moreover, it was a charger for the original Tesla Roadster Sport. It features 18 Superchargers stalls today. There should be a huge expansion which would probably be underway soon. That is if the permit filing are any indication.

80 Supercharger V3 Stalls

Covered with a solar canopy are going to be where the new Supercharger stalls are at. This is based on information from the Tesla permits. In fact, this is similar to the Firebaugh Supercharger. There are present reports about the site that have mentioned the project will involve at least 80 Supercharger V3 stalls. Moreover, the cost of the project is expecting to be around $1.3 million.

Massive Expansion of the Tesla Supercharger

There is going to be a huge expansion of the Tesla Supercharger. In the California region there will be more than 100 Supercharger stalls. This is according to Tesla’s Instagram page. It would make the California region locations the world’s largest Supercharged by what is being called a considerable margin.

“Tesla has applied for construction of the world’s larger supercharger and we are very excited, the California region representative wrote. There will be more than 100 stalls.

The California regions have the latest large Supercharger project. Moreover, over the past months, Tesla is building large Supercharger Stations including a 62 Supercharger V3 site. Crucial in supporting Tesla’s growing fleet. In fact, it will more than likely only get bigger this year with the ramp of the Model Y. 

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