Q2 2020: Tesla Autopilots Safer Than Ever!

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Tesla is the king of electric cars. From the start, they have not only redefined the automotive industry but has led the charge for alternative energy.

2020 started off rough and continues to decline. With the issues of COVID-19 effecting every area of the world, industries have pulled back in hopes of maintaining supply and demand.

Throughout the automotive world, most car manufacturers are dealing with low new car buyer sales. This hasn’t necessarily affected Tesla. The company did see a dip in new car sales at the start of 2020, but their focus took a shift when they improved their battery life, areas of sales, and, of course, their autopilot technology.

As of right now, the year is looking good for Tesla. Their Q2 reports show that their autopilot process is on the fast-track to completion. With Elon Musk himself stating that stage-5 autonomous driving will be available by 2021.

Tesla Auto Pilot To Reveal Next Year!

The Q2 report also indicates the effectiveness of self-driving cars. While many auto manufacturers are putting a hold on AI driving technology, Tesla is spearheading their efforts. They will be the first vehicle to have a fully-self driving computer system inside the vehicle.

If you had asked the question “when will fully automated cars be on the road?” a year ago – you would have been met with a shrug and a “who knows?”

Now, the future is more certain. The benefits of having self-driving vehicles means that safety errors will go down. The creation of this technology will help automate many aspects of commercial traveling. From the trucking industry to traveling by plane or bus, the ability to have a better computer algorithm will help cut down on accidents and remove various liabilities that come from driving a car.

With technology advancing rapidly – it looks like 2021 might have a bit clearer sighting for the automated future.

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