Tanker Truck Insurance

Tanker trucks haul liquids, gases, or dry bulk cargo. These trucks usually feature insulation, pressurization, or designation for multiple loads. Their appearance will vary from truck to truck. However, they’re typically quite large and able to carry upwards of 12,000 gallons.

Obviously, when you’re carrying this much cargo, it’s expensive to get insured. SafeLine understands this. We also understand that whatever the tanker is carrying will significantly impact the price. Therefore, we have studied to learn how to get you the lowest price we can, reducing your cost as much as possible.

The bottom line is that you want the proper insurance to protect you in case of an accident. Tanker trucks are massive and can carry volatile cargo. If something goes wrong, it can be quite devastating. SafeLine covers your truck and its cargo so you can worry about running your business, not damage and liability.

What Kind of Policy Does SafeLine Recommend?

There are many choices out there for tanker truck insurance. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to wade through the choices and pick the correct one. SafeLine Insurance is here to help.

Always start with liability insurance when it comes to tanker trucks. First off, all commercial vehicles require it, per FMCSA regulations. This way, your tanker truck is insured if it’s the fault of the driver. It’s even better to have this coverage if somebody sustains bodily damage or suffers property damage.

Physical damage insurance guarantees full coverage. This will help you breathe easily at night. This coverage differs from liability in that you’re covered regardless of who’s responsible. It covers you for the damage itself, not just for whoever is liable. If you’re hit by an uninsured driver, this insurance can save your hide.

Finally, we suggest umbrella insurance. This is a good measure to take with tanker trucks. It provides another layer of security when added to your policy. Moreover, with a tanker truck’s valuable contents, you want coverage for any unexpected costs. Keep in mind that tanker trucks are massive vehicles prone to accidents.

With these policies, your tanker truck will be protected in the event of any kind of accident or damage. Don’t leave your truck’s health up to chance. Call us to get your tanker truck insurance today!

Now that you’ve got all the details to make an educated choice on a company, give SafeLine Insurance a call today!