Solo Truck Drivers Don’t Fall Underneath the Biden Vaccine Mandate

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As it turns out, solo truck drivers have no need for worry as they don't fall under the mandate.
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The Joe Biden Administration has not been able to find a reason to make solo truck drivers take the vaccinations. This is according to brand new guidelines handed down by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. A formal declaration will matter for the time of the vaccine mandate’s rollout. According to OSHA “There is no specific exemption from the standard’s requirements for truck drivers.”

So what does OSHA mean for Solo Truck Drivers?

They believe that the rule “provides that, even where the [mandate] applies to a particular employer, its requirements do not apply to employees ‘who do not report to a workplace where other individuals such as coworkers or customers are present’ or employees ‘who work exclusively outdoors.’ Therefore, the requirements of the [mandate] do not apply to truck drivers who do not occupy vehicles with other individuals as part of their work duties.”

The President of workforce policy at the American Trucking Associations said that the group’s membership talks about how the guidance released goes beyond the knowledge that most solo truck drivers are exempt from the vaccine-or-test mandate. As long as they are able to encounter other individuals in outdoor environments, they only have to do more clerical.

Furthermore, the trucking sector operates with understanding being that solo drivers are not falling into the vaccination and testing rules of the mandate. The best thing that the mandate has done is keep other solo truck drivers joined in groups safe. The ATA happens to be involving themselves as the primary plaintiff for the lawsuit versus the mandate. Every solo truck driver

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