SAIA Is Having Themselves A Record-Breaking Quarter

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In case you missed it, SAIA, the less than truckload company is on the up-and-up with their financial reports, according to many LTL companies. SAIA stock had gone from 8.36% to $221.82. Considering that was the high of the day, SAIA is doing fantastic with these early morning earnings.

Just look at their operating ratio 85.5% while shipments are at a total high. The OR for SAIA happens to have been marked towards a 600-basis-point-overall-improvement from last year’s second quarter.

This had a whole list of data marked positive. In such an instance, the operational income went up to 132.4%. Meanwhile, the LTL revenue per hundredweight, a super significant yield figure, had upped to 10.5% while revenue per shipment had gone towards 17.9%.

In which case, there had been a bottom line performance, surrounding GAAP earnings for every share of $2.34 beating the consensus of 28 cents per share. Revenue had gone up 36.6% on a yearly basis and was able to beat out other trucking companies by $14.72 million.

SAIA has been around since 1924.

They were founded when a produce dealer had the stunning idea of delivering produce rather than just selling the truck. Throughout the following forty-five years, SAIA would just continue to grow throughout the United States.

Therefore becoming one of the larger LTL carriers in the region. They would go one to establish 23 terminals all over the Southeast and employ 1,000 workers. In turn, this would generate $50 million in revenue. But that was then.

Today, SAIA has 169 terminals all over the USA and regularly employs 10,500 people a year. There’s service that expands to Alaska and Hawaii, and Puerto Rico, Canada and Mexico.

This may be thanks to their mission statement of making sure “quality is everything that goes into creating a positive customer experience.”

SAIA is a company that knows what they’re doing. It’s an example we should all follow.

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