Saia And Mexico Join Forces To Ship Cargo Across The Border

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Saia Inc., a company that moves goods from one place to another, has decided to team up with Fletes Mexico, a big trucking company in Mexico. Together, they will help move things across the border between the United States and Mexico.

Here’s how it works: Saia will help transport things that belong to Fletes Mexico’s less-than-truckload division, which means they’ll carry smaller loads of goods. And Fletes Mexico will help move Saia’s things into Mexico.

Saia is happy about this partnership because it means their customers will get good service. They think Fletes Mexico is great at delivering goods across Mexico.

Saia is based in Johns Creek, Georgia, and it has lots of places all over the U.S. where it operates. They deal with thousands of shipments every day. Near the border between the U.S. and Mexico, Saia has places in Texas, California, and Arizona where they work.

Fletes Mexico is a big company in Mexico, based in Juarez. They have lots of trucks and trailers to carry goods. They also have places in different cities across Mexico where they operate.

The CEO of Fletes Mexico, Miguel Gomez, is happy about this partnership too. He thinks Saia’s customers will like being able to send their goods easily between the U.S. and Mexico.

Saia is planning to open more places where they work this year. They want to make it easier to reach new places and to do more business.

This partnership means both companies can help each other serve their customers better. Saia will be able to reach more places in Mexico, and Fletes Mexico will be able to reach more places in the U.S. It’s good for both companies and for the people who need to move things between the two countries. Overall, this is a positive push for trucking.

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