Safety Tips for Mountain Driving

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It takes great skill and helpful safety tips to navigate the mountain roads successfully. And, if you’ve never driven in a mountainous area before, you’ll quickly realize it’s unlike any other road you’ve travelled before. So, we’ve put together a few safety tips to help you along the way.

Tip #1: Watch the Weather

First, watching the weather ahead of time is key. It gives you an idea of what the roads will be like during your travels. For instance, in the event of snow, you can plan alternate routes. Additionally, watching the weather also gives you an opportunity to schedule shipments around it.  

Tip #2: Keep Space

Furthermore, keeping space between you and the vehicle ahead is also important. Leave enough room so you don’t run the risk of running into them.

Tip #3: Taking Back Control

Moreover, when you feel like you are losing control, picking up a little gravel from the shoulder can help.

Tip #4: Slow Down

We know, common sense, right? But you’d be surprised by how many drivers who don’t. Driving at a slower pace in the mountains is recommended. Also, by doing so, you will have more control of the truck. Therefore, preventing possible accidents.

Tip #5: Utilize the Jake Brake

Additionally, when driving down a steep hill, using the Jake Brake for braking is ideal. However, it is best to start in a low gear coming down the hill before using the brake.

Tip #6: Chain Up

Also, you should never try to climb an icy hill. Chain up at the bottom. This is where watching the weather comes in hand. You’ll know what to expect, and how long of a wait it’ll be until the roads get better.  

Tip #7: Use the Runaway Lane If You Have To

Furthermore, a good rule of thumb is: if you can see your trailer decals in the rearview, then you should use the runaway lane. The lanes are there for a reason; to protect you, and others. When you feel like you’re losing control on the mountain, use the runaway lane.

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