ROVER Phone-Home: Curiosity From The Couch

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The Mars Rover hasn’t stopped for COVID-19 and neither has NASA. While many are fortunate to work from home either at their regular day jobs or by their own means, the folks at NASA are doing the same. Although its the day to day grind, their day looks a little different. They get to drive a Mars Rover from the comfort of their own home.

Curiosity Rover Continues To Travel and Research

Curiousity knows no bounds, which is why the team is still operating the rover under the current “stay-at-home” protocols. For the team, this allows them to continue their research of the Martian surface without the hiccup of the current global pandemic.

The team over at NASA has undergone a full transformation of their at-home offices. This is to include all of the software and technical support in order to operate without any issues.

NASA Has Further Endeavors

Last week NASA announced that it will be sending a helicopter to Mars. The ‘copter – aptly named “Ingenuity” will be the first to roam the Martian skies.

The new plan is to have the copter relay from the air back down to the rover in order to give better data and possibly scope out the Curiosities next endeavor.

From there, it will be a perfect mix of support from both the ground and the air. This provides even further detail to the surroundings of Mars.

Rover From The Couch

Not every day you get to see the landscape of another planet from the comfort of your home. For NASA pilots, they have the fortunate thrill of exploring an alien planet for the first time. For these pilots, they are treated to visuals that no one else has seen before.

A lot is in store at NASA for the time being. You can even view the photos from Curiosity online via NASA’s website.

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