Refrigerated Trailer Insurance

Transporting perishable goods means you need to have controlled temperature conditions. This kind of truck requires a refrigerated trailer. These trailers include insulation, ventilation, or refrigeration systems. These systems control the temperature of the trucks, which is incredibly important for perishable or other temperature-sensitive goods. Specialized refrigerated trailers need their own specialized insurance policy to keep them safe.

For an owner or operator of a refrigerated trailer, it’s key to have the most complete coverage. SafeLine Insurance knows how important this is. Accordingly, we’re ready to track down a customized plan for you today!

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Refrigerated trailers are different from other types of trailers. They regulate the trailer’s temperature using expensive machinery. Unfortunately, this isn’t cheap. Accidents can be costly. Bottom line: don’t skimp on your policy. In other words, have your truck fully insured so that an accident won’t break the bank.

Refrigerated trailers gauge the temperature inside, whether via a simple thermometer or expensive remote monitoring equipment. No matter how they measure and control temperature, they’re more expensive than regular trailers. As a result, they’re targets of theft. Though cargo insurance is not a legal requirement, it’s a useful measure to guard against losses from theft. It’s also great if you’re hauling perishable goods. If the goods spoil for any reason, then you’ll be covered.

Auto liability insurance, on the other hand, is required by law. This insurance provides coverage if the driver is at fault in any kind of accident. We’ll make sure to get you an excellent liability insurance policy as part of your refrigerated trailer package.

SafeLine Insurance knows the ins and outs of refrigerated trailer insurance. As a result, we’ll set you up with a great plan. We’ll craft it to meet your unique needs. Plus, we’ll aim for the best price.

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