President Joe Biden Wants More Strict Truck Emissions Regulations

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The Environmental Protection Agency likes to strengthen emissions regulations for light, medium and heavy-duty vehicles. Or at least, the President Joe Biden likes the EPA to be that. The greenhouse gas emissions standards are to be revolutionized by the yes. The EPA is actually looking to keep greenhouse gases standards further away from July 2024.

Sadly the EPA has been rulemaking through the Clean Air Act for nitrogen standards of heavy duty engines as recent as 2030. Trucks will have to follow the nitrogen standards in the beginning of 2027. According to the President, there should be new rulemaking that would propose for NOx standards from the age of January.

Several states actually declare the emergencies of moving drivers out of ports to make way for new holks. throughout multiple states. However, in Minnesota, Governor Tim Walz makes mention of suspending hour of service regulations. This includes for transporting diesel, ethanol and biodiesel.

Governor Walz had this to say.“Drivers have experienced exceptionally long wait times due to increased demand at fuel terminals that do have the necessary supply.”

Meanwhile, in Texas, Greg Abbott is issuing an order until September 5th to get truck drivers who ship from out of Houston to elsewhere.

President Biden’s rule does call for regulations to limit other vehicles like passenger and heavy duty vehicles. The day of final reveal will probably be on December of 2022.

This is good news for anyone who wants to buy a truck. The good news is that for goodness’ sake, truckers better wizen up before they have the stand down.

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