Power-Only Truck Brokerage: The Basics Of Fleets’ Secret Weapon

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When you look at power-only truck brokerage, this involves a load reliant on horsepower. A shipper has a trailer that from a third-party pool while also picking

It’s helpful to carriers when drivers are able to arrive at a facility. Meanwhile hooking up a preloaded trailer, without even having to look or wait at the dock. Additionally, there’s also flexibility for the shipper. This allows to laod the trailer alone with no need to coordinate and time a truck’s arrival. The additional trailers give a shipper enough storage space.

Smaller fleets themselves have to focus on other aspects such as improved tractors and driver utilization. To swoop in with a driver or tractor and get it back on the road to the final destination is truly the benefit. Midsize to larger carriers operate with more trailers than tractors while getting back on the road for the destination. Underutilized trailers to generate support for power-only service so as to drive asset utilization much higher.

As you can tell, power-only brokerage is only getting more popular.

With most large brokers and asset-based fleets embracing the offer. There are different variations of the service additionally. And as you can tell, other companies such as Convoy, would launch a drop-and-hook service to shippers, as of three years ago.

Therefore, the broker has the largest power-only service, while providing a platform of beyond 300,000 trucks and several thousand trailers. Private fleets have access to Convoy Go’s power-only capacity.

So to be clear, private fleets will need this as they are constantly repositioning their trailers through all of their networks. The service allows in turn the ability to find “supplemental power” in order to delivery dry van trailers.

Uber Freight, on the other side of the spectrum allows for small carriers to rent and connect on the Uber platform.

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