Power-Only Truck Brokerage And It’s Defining Tells In A Saturated Industry

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When you are operating a truck brokerage that is power-only, you are, by definition, operating a load that needs horsepower and nothing else. The tractor or truck enables itself with power-only setups. Therefore to move these shipments, in which the shipper has been able to snag a trailer. More often than not, the carrier will lease a trailer from a third-party pool and pick it up from a shipping facility to therefore haul to a new destination.

However, the verdict on power-only brokerages is that advantages are plenty for a driver who only has to hook a pre-load and go.

The flexibility of which allows the trailer to load on it’s own separate terms without a need to time the arrival. More trailers allow for slight storage space, therefore, ridding the congestion and upping fluid movement through the terminals. In smaller fleets, there is improved tractor and driver utilization. With such a case, there is a chance to swoop with driver/tractors, if only to get back to the road on route to the destination. Within small fleets, there are only good chances. To grab a truck and hitting the road immediately after is the true benefit of such a scenario.

It gets a little dicey once you have to take into consideration midsize to large carriers. Those typically operate with more trailers over tractors. Therefore, lending the likelihood of underutilized trailers to pools. Which would really support power-only service as a means of driving asset utilization much higher.

Power-only brokerage happens to be getting way more popular in the sense. And, furthermore, it appears as if large brokers and asset-based fleets are hugging the offer very tightly. Other variation of the service exist as well.

Essentially, the recent expansion allows for even private fleets to access power-only capacity. Now, isn’t that just fantastic?

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