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California Physical Damage Insurance

When you’re in the commercial automobile business, your vehicle is your money-maker! Consequently, if you’re forced to be without it, because of an unexpected event, it can be financially devastating. Therefore, you want to avoid this no matter what.

The best way to guard against this risk is by arming yourself with Physical Damage Insurance. But what is it exactly? Let’s compare it to Liability.

Physical Damage Coverage vs. Liability Insurance

Liability Insurance – protects you and your business if you’re to blame for an accident. In the event you or your vehicle damages someone else’s property or causes bodily harm, liability pays the costs.

Physical Damage Coverage – protects you and your vehicle when an accident occurs. In other words, if your vehicle suffers damages during an unexpected event, Physical Damage insures you.

The Two Types of Physical Damage Coverage

Collision Insurance – when your commercial vehicle is involved in a crash (collides with an object, building, or property). This also applies if your vehicle overturns in an accident.

Comprehensive Insurance – when your vehicle faces damages from something other than an accident with vehicles or objects.

Events or Accidents Not Vehicle-Related Include:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Storms
  • Flooding
  • Earthquakes

….and more!

SafeLine Insurance Physical Damage Coverage

A lot of things can happen out on that road. Some you can’t even dream up if you tried to. However, they do happen. As a result, it’s crucial you protect yourself and your business with Physical Damage Coverage.

Don’t waste a single second, call SafeLine Insurance today. We’ll put your worries at ease. Look, the financial health of your business is too important. Secure it today with great Physical Damage coverage.

SafeLine Insurance specialists always take your personal needs into consideration: cost, business type, vehicles involved, trucking regulations, etcetera… After that, we pinpoint the policy that does the best job to protect you.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. It’s a sad reality. Therefore, you need to arm yourselves with quality insurance.

Contact us now at SafeLine Insurance and let us guarantee your business is protected and thriving. Also, get a free quote here!