Open For Business! Love’s Has Several New Locations 24/7

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As a truck driver, you must love the open road. Furthermore, you must idolize it. There’s something beautiful about driving near and far in the comfort of your own silence. Maybe the radio’s on with sports, weather or Billy Idol. Either way, you’re powering through the open highway with a rebel yell that seldom is heard by anyone who doesn’t deserve to know how happy you are. You’re stoked! Ecstatic! Thrilled to only have to drive and make money doing it. Isn’t that something? Isn’t that nice? I sure think it must be a relief from the everyday oi vey.

Wouldn’t you say? It makes sense to enjoy the simple pleasures of knowing how wide the expanse of the road ahead is. It helps to know that the road is as inviting as a couch. A bed. Maybe a futon? Definitely a bed. You’re in a truck bed after all. Or at least you’re hauling a truck bed. God knows what it’s actually filled with. But it’s a joy, wouldn’t you think so?

Love’s Does! See What They Have Open!

The best thing about life is how flexible to your liking it can be. And where else is it more flexible than when you an take a stop at a decent truck stop? Furthermore, wherever else may be so decent but the one and only Love’s? After all, this brand has it all. Lube services! DOT inspections! Light mechanical work! The whole enchilada! And now, with luck, we’ve learned something super fantastic.

Well, you’ll be happy to know that Love’s finally did it. They have opened about seven of these stunning Speedco truck stops all over the country! Yeah, no kidding! In fact, I would say it’s to your benefit to check out what Speedco locations are now open for you to peruse:

  • 27201 Boron Frontage Road North, Boron, California 93516
  • 1900 The Hill Ave., Marion, Illinois 62959
  • 1525 E 8th Ave., Cordele, Georgia 31015
  • 809 Moore Ave., Tuscola, Illinois 61953
  • 14414 S Cross L Road, Mayer, Arizona 86333
  • 150 Couchville Industrial Blvd., Mt. Juliet, Tennessee 37122
  • 1500 Monticello Road, Madison, Georgia 30650

So perhaps the next time you see something you like, why not check out Speedco? They’re operated by the Love’s employees.

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