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California On-Hook Towing Insurance

Operating a tow truck business is full of complications. Every owner will tell you that. As long as a car is in your possession, there’s an endless number of problems that can arise. Consequently, it’s vital to have On-Hook Towing Insurance. You want to be ready for any crazy situation that comes up – and they will.

On-Hook Towing Insurance protects you in case of an accident resulting in damage to your customer’s vehicle. No matter what the circumstances are. So, by all means, add this to your coverage package. After all, it’s incidents like this that can leave your business vulnerable. Don’t take the risk.

Here’s how this coverage breaks down. On-Hook covers all damages to vehicles if you’re at fault. It also safeguards against the following:






…and more!

The Value of On-Hook Towing Insurance

As a tow truck business owner, you’re dealing with all kinds of cars every day. You can be as responsible and vigilant as can be, but with this kind of volume, you just can’t be on the look-out for everything. Accidents and random events do sometimes occur, so just be smart and equip yourself with On-Hook Towing Insurance.

SafeLine Insurance agents are experts when it comes to commercial vehicle insurance. We know that On-Hook Towing polices are abundant, and vary in price depending on the carrier. We’ll make sure we isolate the perfect policy for you and your business.

Contact us at SafeLine Insurance and one of our dedicated agents will help you out!