Nuclear Weapon Hauling And The Truckers Who Make It Happen (Safely)

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When you have to work hard as a nuclear material courier, you really are working against the odds when transporting dangerous materials in your truck. Or they would be if the odds only knew that NMCs exist in the world. They happen to have some of the most tough and carefully guarded jobs within the transportation sector. This would mean that nuclear bombs and materials similar to such hazardous temptation would likely be subject to the wrong hands.

So what does it mean to go long for the “nuclear football?”

What you may need to know is that the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA) has been handling nuclear weapon transport with NMCs since the year 2000. Curtis Johnson, who happens to be the lead federal agent recruiter for NNSA details the job similar. How exactly? This may be due to routine hours of long taking all your time on the job “However, unlike most other trucking careers, these long-haul trips are part of a larger operation and every vehicle in the convoy is manned by multiple federal agents who share the driving, communications and security.”

If that foreboding presence of context doesn’t give you the heebie-jeebies? Then you may consider applying for the job on

New openings come by, 1-2 weeks a time. Following the hiring, NMC folks spend about 18 weeks of training where they’re subject to nuclear materials courier basic (NMCB) training. Military or law enforcement experience is necessary.

The training that undergoes this whole process involves a CDL and driving performance test. As well as firearms training. Not to mention that there has to be tactics performance evaluations when OST mission operations become necessary. The way the NNSA details this whole process makes it sound like a separate branch of the military. All the other boot camp tests are part of the training as well. Once the whole process is just about cleared, the candidates graduate and work alongside agents to embrace performance testing in convoy operations and exercises.

The average salary when working for the NMC ranges from $48,682 to $76,981.

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