Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

What Is Non-Trucking Liability Insurance?

Get your truck home safely with NTL!

Non-trucking insurance is a form of liability insurance for specific circumstances. It is commonly known by the acronym NTL (Non-Trucking Liability). Truckers primarily use their trucks for, you guessed it, trucking! However, sometimes you’ll need to be out on the road without a load to haul.

For example, non-trucking liability is usually recommended for those who have just purchased their trucks. You’ll need to drive from the dealership to your home or business, right? In order to do that legally, you’ll need to get temporary NTL insurance. That way, you’ll be in compliance with all regulations as you drive your new truck home.

Additionally, what happens if you need to get your tractor serviced in between jobs? NTL covers this circumstance as well, allowing you to safely and legally get your truck to and from the mechanic’s shop. For these situations, NTL is incredibly useful and can save your hide in the event of an accident.

Note that NTL is not the same thing as bobtail insurance. For more information about bobtail insurance, click here.

NTL Insurance with SafeLine Insurance

When you’re starting your new trucking business, you might become confused by all the regulations out there. Keeping track of every insurance policy, corporate filing, and bond is tough. That’s why you should trust SafeLine Insurance to get you the coverage you need and nothing more. Our insurance experts will help you get the right policy for your needs.

Our NTL coverage covers any and all situations that may come up when you’re driving your truck off-duty. For over 12 years, SafeLine Insurance has been providing truckers with valuable information regarding trucking insurance of all kinds. And we work closely with our sister company, DOT Operating Authority, to help our clients get the right authorities they need as well. With experience like that, you’ll know that we’ll get you what you need.

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