Minimum-Revenue Guarantee Designed For Owner-Operators

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In the past couple of years, there’s been nothing but growth coming in for the carrier of CloudTrucks. The leased owners from within have beein operating on their own basis of the self-dispatched “virtual carrier” platform, which has since beyond tripled, all according to the MCS-150 filings, that have been occurring since July of 2021, whereabouts 70 owners had been leased. Throughout this growth, comes a level of stability that hasn’t been seen by CloudTrucks before. Not long after, CEO Tobenna Arodiogbu mentioned how he’s wanted to offer a minimum revenue-guarantee program fro the longest time.

Freight can be challenging. Plenty of owner-operators are in need of a good safety net at the moment. As the market challenges, owner-operators are likely to feel a necessity to surrender their revenue-guarantee program, where drivers can use it as a bridge throughout income fluctuations to “support their independence.”

Such a program involves itself to make way for backstop revenue at least for leased owners in what they may know is a flipped-market for brokered freight. All while representing the most of freight within the CloudTrucks platform. At once, the company has been able to push strides with shippers that move freight through the network, while also carrying on varied contracts and technology involvements which show strength in launching such a program.

What are the bullet points to take away, for CloudTrucks-leased owners?

At least 1,500 loaded miles can come about weekly throughout any two-week period, as the guarantee may very well be $3,250 a week, which is over $6,500 throughout the following two weeks. All at a bare minimum of $2.16 per mile.

The owner averaging about 2,000 miles get;s $4,500 in their bank account guaranteed, or $9,000 over a two-week period. Of course, the minimum revenue doesn’t quite reflect deduction of CloudTrucks’ platform-access stone-cold 18% fee, which is the standard for leased owners over there.

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