Man walks in traffic on 110 freeway

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LOS ANGELES, California – Witnesses saw a man waling on the northbound 110 freeway. Additionally, the incident occurred on Thursday morning.

Furthermore, drivers say the man was wearing headphones as he walked. Also, drivers say the man did not appear to avoid oncoming traffic.

Currently, officials have not identified the mysterious man.

Specifically, witnesses claim the man walked in the middle lane of the northbound 110 freeway. The incident occurred near Slauson Avenue in the South Los Angeles area. Furthermore, officials report this happened around 8:40 a.m. on Thursday.

Also, the man carried a bag with him.

A witness captured dashcam footage of the man. The footage shows the man refusing to move to the side to avoid moving vehicles.

Fortunately, traffic remained slow as it was rush hour. So, cars swerved around the man to avoid hitting him.

Instagram user @JDRAIMER posted the video on his personal account. He insists he recored the video on a fixed dashcam.

He captioned the post, “Only in LA will you find a guy walking down the number 1 lane of the 110 N during rush hour and that’s not the reason it’s bumper to bumper traffic!”

The user commented further, “He had headphones in and was casually walking without a care in the world. People were just going around him”.

Currently, officials have not updated the public on this story. The man’s identity remains unclear. Furthermore, officials have not released an explanation for the man’s motives or mental state at the time of the incident.

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