Lesser-Known Truck Insurance Policies You May Need

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Learn about some truck insurance policies you may not have heard of!
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When you start working in the trucking industry, you’ll quickly figure out that the world of trucking insurance is complicated. There are tons of different truck insurance policies out there that every trucker needs to get. Beyond that, too, there are some that not every trucker gets, but that could be huge. In this article, we’ll take a look at three of the more niche insurance policies that truckers should consider.

Bobtail Truck Insurance

Bobtail insurance covers your truck when you aren’t actively hauling anything. Therefore, it covers your truck when it’s just a bobtail. Most truckers want to spend as little time as possible driving around as just a bobtail. After all, that’s time that you could use to haul goods instead, making you more money. But sometimes you need to drive to a new location to pick up your next load. If you get into an accident while you’re en route, bobtail insurance will protect you.

Non-Trucking Insurance

Non-trucking insurance is slightly different than bobtail insurance, despite the confusingly similar name. With good non-trucking insurance policies, no driver in their truck will have to worry about what happens while off the clock. Heading to an appointment with a mechanic? This insurance policy will cover you as you head there and back, ensuring that you always have coverage as you drive. Non-trucking insurance is important for any trucker, especially if you sometimes use your truck to drive yourself home.

Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance is an excellent policy for any trucker to consider. Basic truck insurance policies have limits, and because these trucks are huge and expensive, they often exceed those limits. Umbrella insurance is an affordable add-on that covers your truck beyond the basic limits of your policy. With umbrella insurance, your insurance ensures that you’ll have coverage no matter what damage happens to your truck. If your truck is your livelihood, you may want to protect it further with umbrella insurance.

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