Why Insurance Rates Rising

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Due to the increasing number of accident rates, auto insurance rates are rising all around the country. Moreover, the fatality rate in car accidents has increased by 22% from the last year. It is suggested that the reason for such a huge increase is distracted driving. When people do not pay attention to the roads, it creates dangerous situations and often results in accidents.


The National Highway Safety Administration has recently named “drowsy” driving one of the leading causes of distraction on the road. It is advised that if you are feeling too tired or sleepy, do not drive – ask a friend to give you a ride or use Uber. Last year, drowsy driving claims costed insurance industry $109 billion.


Another reason for the growing insurance rates is lower gas prices. The less gas costs, the more people drive, so the risk of an accident gets higher.


To keep your insurance rates from rising, maintain good credit, pay your rates in full and shop around.

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