How to Keep Your Fleet Safe

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Protect your fleet, no matter its composition.
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Do you own a fleet of trucks? Being a fleet owner can be exciting and fulfilling, but it can also create stress about the security of your trucks. At Safeline, we know that keeping a fleet safe, functional, and efficient is challenging. And it can leave you lying awake at night worrying about what could go wrong. So, for some peace of mind, follow our tips for keeping your fleet safe.

Hire the right drivers

Fleet safety starts with your drivers. When you’re starting the process of hiring drivers, make sure to find drivers with clean records and no major accidents. Drivers like this are more expensive than others, but they’re worth the money. Because the higher wages you pay them will save you on the other end, as they will keep your expensive fleet in tip-top shape. After all, most trucking accidents are caused by driver error. So eliminate as much of it as you can by hiring the right people for the job.

Enforce the rules

Even the best drivers, however, can slip up and forget the rules of the road. The US and its states have standards for resting on the road that drivers must follow, but it’s on you to enforce compliance. Though it may seem as though you’ll be more efficient if you let your drivers power through, the odds that they get into an accident skyrocket. Making sure your drivers know that they have to follow the rules no matter what ensures that they’re sharp and capable of avoiding bad crashes.

Get the right insurance coverage

Of course, you can do everything right and still get into accidents. Roadway accidents happen every day for a variety of reasons, and fleets that need to be out on the road constantly will inevitably be involved. So, make sure to get the right insurance coverage for your trucks! Beyond just basic liability insurance, coverage like umbrella insurance will ensure that your trucks have extra protection. With the right insurance, a crash will be an inconvenience, not the thing that sinks your business.

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