How Fleet Owners are Saving Money

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Ask any fleet owner and they’ll tell you that running a fleet of rigs is a costly endeavor. With the rising cost of gas and new rules and regulations, it’s always good to evaluate where you can save some money. The key to running a successful business is managing your finances and watching carefully where you may be overspending. This is especially true when you are first setting up your business. Here’s how other fleet owners are saving money.

Take a look at these helpful tricks that other fleet owners are using to help their businesses grow and flourish.

Take Care of Your Vehicles

This sounds obvious but is something that gets overlooked when your fleet has been running for some time. With rigs in short supply, well-kept vehicles and aftermarket parts are fetching higher prices than ever before. Not to mention, that general maintenance is much cheaper than fixing a truck. When your truck is in the shop, it’s not on the road making you money. After a truck comes back from a long haul or even a few short trips, it’s always a good idea to have someone check the fluids and give the truck a good tune-up. A mechanic on staff can help save money in the long term by keeping your fleet healthy and on the road rather than in the shop.

With the shortage of big rigs, many fleet owners are saving money by turning to salvage yards to find replacement parts. What was once considered bad practice is now becoming the norm. With few other options to choose from, quality parts can still be found at junkyards.

Watch Your Fuel Consumption

Fuel consumption will quickly become one of the biggest expenses for fleets. Now that gas is over $4/gallon, it’s important to reiterate to your drivers how they can drive for fuel efficiency. Speeding drivers are the biggest culprits behind wasted fuel consumption. Give your drivers that extra time to drive efficiently rather than speeding towards a deadline. Slow and steady is the key to fuel consumption and will also do wonders to help prolong the life of your vehicle. It’s better to give an extra day if it saves fuel and wear and tear on the vehicle. This is long-term thinking that will benefit your fleet for years to come.

Shop Around for insurance

Insurance is another unavoidable cost, but it doesn’t have to be the biggest cost for your fleet. Make sure you are getting quality coverage and avoid cut-rate insurance companies that promise low rates without giving your fleet proper coverage. A poor insurance plan can end up costing you your entire business if you don’t have the proper coverage. Make sure your needs are clear to your agent, and they’ll be able to recommend the best packages for you. Check out our amazing insurance packages!

Fleet Owners are Saving Money, You Should Too!

These three things can help your fleet save thousands of dollars over the course of a year. Many fleet owners race their drivers to get the short-term dollars delivered, but don’t think about what that’s doing to their fleet in the long term. Successful fleet owners are saving money by giving their drivers the time and tools to keep their trucks running efficiently and maintain them is the key to success.

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