Holy Toledo! Nagle is Throwing Their Workers a Bagel with a 17% Raise

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Nagle Toledo, the truckload carrier, has just announced a 17% pay increase for its drivers. This is the biggest in the company’s 36-year history. The Toledo, Ohio-based company has raised starting salaries for drivers from $1,200 to $1,400 per week effective January 1. $1,700 a week is the company’s top pay plan.

Nagle Toledo – TLC Carriers Paying a Straight Salary

The president of the fleet of 50 trucks running temperature-controlled loads from Ohio and Michigan to the mid-Atlantic and Northeast is Ed Nagle. It was one of the first TL carriers to start paying over-the-road drivers a straight salary back in 2017.

It’s twofold, this is why we pay our OTR drivers a salary. First, we hire professionals. They are the professionals getting a weekly salary. Then second, the reason is drivers love the steady weekly paycheck,” said Nagle.

“Our drivers only run 1,800-2,200 miles a week. While they still getting home. They might get paid $800 one week.

Then, the next week they may get $1700. In fact, that depends on the paperwork sent in, he continued.

Raising Pay to Get New Drivers and their Fleets

Moreover, luring new drivers to their fleets, several carriers have raised pay in recent months. Moreover, there is a high-demand, shop-from-home environment due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, this has left grocery stores and retailers trying hard to find the inventory required to meet the consumer’s needs.

Qualified Drivers has Dropped to the COVID-19 Pandemic

The number of qualifying drivers were cut. This is due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is due to increasing retirements, the influence of the Drug & Alcohol Clearinghouse, and reduced driver school enrollment.

Hiring drivers with five years of experience and stable work history are is what Nagle wants.

Drivers that are strong in trip planning. In addition to making his pickup and delivery appointment, said James White, director of operations. These are the above-mentioned attributes of a professional truck driver. We want drivers that are loyal to this profession.

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