GM Giving Life To China By Way Of Micro-Cars: Should Be Major Win

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Can you imagine the two biggest subjects of the current automotive industry fusing into one entity? GM sure can. General Motors is looking to make Wuling MINI is heading into a trend of tiny vehicles with small, local range but very affordable prices.

This venture’s “people’s communting tool.” So the broad appeal of the product is electric, plug-in hybrid and hydrogen fuel-filling. GM is looking to cash in on this venture, in order to beat out the competition for a deal the Chinese people cannot refuse.

GM is playing the long-game

Firstly, this Motor Giant is trying to remodel the plants in China. This includes, but has no limit to, Shanghai, Wuhan and Liuzhou. Production lines are already in talks to covert into EV manufacturing. Furthermore, with robotic automation, this future is more possible than ever.

At least, that’s what Kaiyun Motors founder Wang Chao believes. He’s sure that with the size of China’s supply-and-demand for automobiles, “any product with clear positioning can attract enough customers to survive.”

Meanwhile, the bidding to reverse sales decline is all the while a factor here. But the current expectations believe that GM will make back up to 40% of new revenue by 2025.

Honestly, this comes off to me as something to watch out for. California may be the testing grounds for Musk and company but China has a way more vast population and need to replace their feet with wheels. Furthermore, the idea of compartimentalizing space by ridding of gaseous waste certainly sounds more impressive than Gavin Newsom’s grim plans for California to lead a gas-free future. What’s his endgame there? Why does he want us to work harder for something impossible? I’m all for saving the planet, but at what cost? Somebody recharge my batteries, because something does work right in this equation. Whereas China? They’re going to be just fine.


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