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California Garage Keepers Insurance

When you operate a towing business, you’re aware that a customer vehicle is your responsibility for the length of time it’s in your possession. Whether it’s parked in a garage or out on the street, you’re in charge of the vehicle. If something happens to the car, no matter what, you’re the one who must pay. Consequently, it makes sense to purchase Garage Keepers Insurance.

This is optional coverage but makes sense to add along with liability coverage. Especially considering the often lengthy amount of time cars are under your watch. Garage Keepers Insurance provides peace of mind.

As a towing truck company, you’re handling lots and lots of cars. It’s impossible to have your eyes on them 24/7. Do the smart thing and take the precaution of getting Garage Keepers Insurance. This way you can focus on running your business without fretting about a random accident disrupting your profits.

Is Garage Keepers Insurance Important?

Garage Keepers coverage is definitely necessary when considering how long vehicles can be under your company’s care. Can you get away without it? Maybe, but it’s not worth the risk.

Imagine if there’s a fire or an unexpected weather event, or even if there’s a break-in and vandalism occurs. These incidents could destroy your business without coverage. Don’t let this happen!

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