Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

I Just Paid for My Policy. When Can I Get a COI?

It takes underwriting 24-48 hours to issue a new policy after applications have been signed and reviewed. So, once you purchase your policy, you can expect to receive your COI within 2 business days.

When Will My MC Authority Be Listed as Active on FMCSA?

Once your policy is issued, your insurance carrier will send proof of insurance to the FMCSA. These filings are called MCS90 or MCS91 filings. This serves as proof of insurance and will in turn activate your authority as long as there are no other pending items.

What is the Difference Between an MC Permit and an MC#?

Your Federal Motor Carrier number (MC#) gives you the authority to cross state lines. In order to operate in interstate traffic, carriers need to obtain both an MC number and a USDOT number. If your base state is California, then you are mandated to obtain an MCP. An MC Permit is proof that a motor carrier has registered their CA # with the DMV.

How Do I Obtain Certificates of Insurance?

You can request a COI by calling our office during our regular business hours of 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., or you can email our CSR at

I Just Got My CDL. Will You Insure Me?

If you are running under your own authority, we will need at least 2 years of commercial driving experience in order to offer you insurance. If you are an owner-operator, we can insure you with a new CDL. You can get your authority, too, with at least 2 years of CDL experience. If you are an owner-operator who is leasing onto another carrier, we can insure you with a new CDL.

I Just Bought a Truck. Can You Insure It to Get It Off the Dealer Lot?

Yes, we can offer you bobtail insurance. This will protect you and your new truck as you drive it with no trailer.

I Need to Register with Amazon. Can You Help Me with Getting All the Coverage I Need to Become Compliant?

Yes, we’d be happy to help you out. We can set you up with all of the coverage required by Amazon. Amazon requires their drivers to have the following insurance policies:

Commercial General Liability: a minimum of $1 million per occurrence and a total of $2 million.

Auto Liability: a minimum of $1 million per occurrence.

Cargo: a minimum of $100,000 in coverage.

Workers’ Compensation: a policy for all jurisdictions in which your company operates.

Employer Liability: a minimum of $100,000 per occurrence.

What Is the Difference Between a Certificate Holder and an Additional Insured?

The certificate holder is a person who possesses actual proof of insurance. This person is NOT the policyholder; rather, they are someone who has been given a copy of another’s policy as proof of their insurance.

Additional insureds are those to whom coverage has been extended at a policy level. A certificate holder can also become an additional insured. Additional insureds are not responsible for paying the insurance premium, but as a result, they cannot modify the policy at all. Additional insureds also receive copies of all policy related changes, such as cancellation notices and endorsements.

I Have a DUI. Will You Insure Me?

We will be able to insure you if the DUI is more than five years old. But in some cases, insurance companies will allow you to obtain insurance less than five years after a DUI if you were able to obtain a restricted license.

Can You Run My Driving Record?

We will run your MVR (Motor Vehicle Report) at the time of quoting. After all, we need to get a picture of what kind of driver you are! All we need from you to do so is your last name and your driver’s license number.

What Kind of Trucks Does SafeLine Insure?

We insure all kinds of commercial trucks! Whether you drive a semi-truck, box truck, cargo van, or any other vehicle used for business, SafeLine Insurance can help you choose the right coverage options.

Does SafeLine Insure Trailers?

Yes! We insure all kinds of trailers, including refrigerated and flatbed trailers. All trailers that have a valid pulling unit are eligible. Our cargo insurance helps to protect everything inside (or on top of) your trailer as well.

What Commercial Insurance Does SafeLine Offer?

We have excellent insurance policies for business owners who operate adjacent to the trucking industry. Some of our commercial policies include general liability and garage keepers’ insurance for towing companies.