FMCSA Sends Out Warning Letter Protocol To Small carriers All Over USA

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The FMCSA is out to update the warning letter protocol for more carriers. Specifically in regards for Unsafe Driving BASIC Percentiles.
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Chances are, if you run a small-enough trucking company? You have an unexpected warning letter from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. This is based around your Unsafe Driving BASIC percentiles. There’s no accident in this assessment. The FMCSA creates an under-reported shift within the November CSA Safety Measurement System update. It is most likely the carriers will be at risk for some intervention minus the percentile improvement.

The FMCSA sends warning letters to any carriers with a percentile ranking of 50% within the Unsafe Driving BASIC has given moving-type violations to contribute to scores.

It’s been a major shift from the prior procedure that sends out warning letters to carriers that would meet “the prioritization threshold for interventions or further monitoring.” Such thresholds are fifty-percent for passenger carriers. Meanwhile, hazmat carriers have about sixty percent and all other carriers handle about sixty-five percent of interventions.

In this case, the FMCSA shows that the rationale can make the change to help carriers “improve their safety performance and compliance sooner, and without further intervention.”

The FMCSA believes that “percentile thresholds for prioritization are not changing.” Therefore, in which case, carriers with BASICs with an “Alert” symbol can prioritize for interventions. Or even further monitoring while warning-letter protocol cannot possibly be changed for other BASIC categories. So, the FMCSA is certainly unsure of nothing when they have these actions enacted. You have no choice but to ship up or ship out. There’s no other means of knowing what to do except for assimilating into that mindset. That’s something to certainly keep in mind in your future. Especially, as the FMCSA goes ahead and advances in their warning-letter protocol.

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