Fleet Insurance

At SafeLine Insurance, we protect our customers with the best and most affordable coverage around. It’s our number one priority. We also understand there are many insurance options out there, and it can be tough to figure out. Luckily, SafeLine has years of experience and will do the heavy lifting for you.

If you own a trucking business, you want to be certain your fleet of cars is protected. In other words, these cars are your lifeblood. They need the security of our wide-ranging coverage.

Unfortunately, if there’s an accident and somebody gets hurt, the resulting legal or medical costs could affect your business. That’s why equipping yourself with the proper protection is essential. This way, no matter what happens, your business can continue to thrive because you’re not paying any costs out of pocket.

Any complete coverage plan includes:

  • Collision Coverage. Collision insurance is a must-have for any fleet owner. It protects you in a wreck with another car. Therefore, if you collide with someone without insurance, you will still have coverage. It’s a win-win for you!
  • Comprehensive Coverage. We advise all fleet owners to get this coverage. With comprehensive coverage, your company vehicles will be safe in the event of an incident that doesn’t qualify as a car accident. For instance, this plan covers natural disasters and crimes like vandalism. This plan is an excellent choice to protect your fleet in any context.
  • Auto Liability Coverage. Auto liability is crucial to your insurance portfolio. Plus, the law requires it. Liability covers you in the event of injury or damage to other people’s property. It encompasses hospital bills, court costs, car repairs, or even covers a replacement vehicle. Liability insurance is part of all of our insurance plans and will protect your business completely.

Contact us today and we’ll get you an excellent quote on affordable fleet insurance!