Flatbed Trailer Insurance

Flatbed trucks are able to carry all kinds of material. They’re really versatile. They can haul heavy machinery and all manner of construction materials. For this reason, these trucks can be ultra-profitable. But, if not protected with the right insurance, a flatbed trailer can be a nightmare for its owner.

It goes without saying that, without the right insurance, accidents can be costly. It’s not just the flatbed trailer; there’s the matter of the heavy and usually expensive cargo. In the event of an accident, you could see your truck damaged beyond repair and lose all of your valuable cargo!

What does all of this mean? It means you need to get personally tailored flatbed trailer insurance. Don’t worry, SafeLine Insurance has you covered!

So What Is a Good Insurance Plan?

Flatbed trailer insurance is essential due to the risky nature of operating one of these trailers. For instance, these trailers have a tendency to fishtail in windy conditions. No matter how skilled the driver is, this situation can prove difficult to handle.

Flatbed trailers, due to their unique hitch mechanism design, are also susceptible to theft. Aside from that, there are the usual concerns that come with driving a large vehicle. The bottom line is that accidents definitely happen, so let SafeLine get you protected!

There are a lot of insurance plans available, but whichever one you choose, liability insurance is essential. In fact, the FMCSA requires it to operate a commercial vehicle. Liability coverage insures you should the flatbed trailer collide with another vehicle or object, or should you be at fault.

Physical damage is another layer of protection we encourage customers to get. This measure covers you should the act not be the fault of the driver. This includes things like vandalism, theft, or fire. This insurance is for your own peace of mind as well as that of your customers.

With these types of insurance, you can drive your flatbed trailer all over the US with confidence, knowing that whatever happens to you along the way, your SafeLine insurance policy will have you covered.

Call SafeLine Insurance and get flatbed trailer insurance today!