Electric Revolution: Is Trucking Ready?

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Palo Alto- CA, – The electric revolution is coming to a trucking industry near you! With 2020 continuing to throw the world a curve-ball, some industries are looking for alternative ways to undergo their operations.

Two major companies are expanding into the electric trucking industry. Nikola (which started in 2014) and Tesla. We don’t need to spend too much time on the history of these two companies’ names.

Both are looking to be the first ones to reach the trucking industries electric revolution.

2020 has not been kind to the trucking industry. One of the largest issues that face businesses in the global pandemic. Prior to the events, the industry was in a standstill.

Electric Revolution Means Less Jobs

With highly-skilled long-time truck drivers retiring to their new life, the space to fill is massive. On the other side of the spectrum, those looking for drivers found that the interest wasn’t high enough. This left opportunities open for many to find a new career. Then COVID-19 hit. The truck drivers who are currently on the road are hit with high freight wages and low supplies. This left the industry in shambles.

This is where the electric trucking industry looks to help. With so many tired and worn out drivers, having a truck that is self-driving and cost-effective will help businesses with finding the appropriate measures.

The cost of refueling, as well as paying for a live human to be behind the wheel can be costly. This helps smaller trucking companies search for cheaper costs. Although this also begs the question: If the company was able to purchase a new electric semi – couldn’t they have just paid their driver a little more to keep them?

The industry is inching its way closer into automation, for the workers in the industry, this could be a huge threat for an already beaten down workforce.

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