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Dump Truck Insurance

Dump trucks are the vehicles most often found on construction sites. Generally, this model of truck is responsible for moving dirt, asphalt, and other loose materials at a work site. It goes without saying that these are heavy duty trucks.

This means that picking the right insurance for your dump truck is very important. With such a heavy duty piece of machinery, quality insurance essentially protects the financial health of your company.

Dump Truck Insurance That’s Right for You

Because dump trucks do most of their work on construction sites, it’s doubly important to secure a great insurance plan. After all, construct sites are messy chaotic places and accidents are common.

The good news is SafeLine recognizes this and has your back. So what do you need to feel comfortable?

Number one, you’ve got to start with liability insurance. Whether you’re an individual owner-operator or just the owner of a company, liability insurance is the bedrock of your coverage plan. It’s also required in California.

This coverage safeguards your dump truck from bodily harm or damages sustained from an accident.

SafeLine, however, suggests you protect your company with additional insurance. We recommend Physical Damage Insurance. When you get this coverage it’s broken into two parts: Comprehensive Insurance and Collision Insurance.

Comprehensive Insurance guards your dump truck in the event there’s an off-road incident. Collision Insurance, on the other hand, protects you if your dump truck is involved in a collision. In this case, your vehicle is covered no matter who’s at fault.

Call SafeLine Insurance now and protect your business by getting your dump truck insured!