Driver Who Fell Off the 5 Only Slightly Injured

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The crash caused lengthy stops on the 5.
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A big rig driver fell off the 5 freeway near Burbank on Sunday. The truck fell off the Empire off-ramp, crashing into the street below. Luckily, the driver left with only minor injuries.

The accident happened at around 6 a.m. on Sunday. The truck flipped completely over as it fell off the 5, landing upside down on the street below. The crash blocked the off-ramp as well as the 5’s rightmost southbound lane for most of the day.

Still inside the cab when the truck fell, the driver was transported with minor injuries only. This driver was lucky. The crash could easily have resulted in serious injury or death to the driver.

No other drivers or pedestrians sustained any injuries. Authorities are still investigating the cause of the crash as of Thursday.

Truck accidents are common in California

California is a hotbed for shipping, manufacturing, and driving in general, making its volume of accidents higher than the rest of the country. On average, California sees nearly 3,000 truck accidents that result in injuries per year. Fatal crashes are much rarer, but the state still averages over 100 of these per year as well.

How can truck drivers guard themselves against these kinds of accidents? It can be difficult, to be sure, and no driver can be completely safe all of the time. However, Safeline has some tips to keep you and your truck safe:

  • Know what causes accidents. Typically, truck accidents are caused by mechanical issues such as brake failures or operator error. You can reduce these by performing regular maintenance on your truck and by paying attention to yourself for signs of drowsiness or distraction.
  • Reduce your speed. The best way to prevent an accident from becoming deadly is to reduce your speed. Driving the speed limit saves lives, including your own.
  • Insure your vehicle. Unfortunately, accidents will happen no matter what you do. Having a comprehensive insurance plan from Safeline will safeguard your finances in the event of an accident of any kind.

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