Diesel Shortage Disrupts The Truck Stops Of America

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The Diesel Shortage of 2021 is proving to be full of disastrous outcomes. When you notice what it’s doing to truckers all over the United States, you may realize that it’s taking a bigger bite out of the U.S. economy than one may realize. It’s very grim. Like, almost to grim to bear. And yet, diesel shortage issues could very well be the type of “Big Bad” that America needs. Find a common enemy to unite against and the American people are able to realize how many gallons each hauler ends up losing as a result.

Diesel Shortage outcries are really no joke!

Plenty of major truck stop chains are trying their damnedest to limit how many gallons the haulers are able to fill their tanks up on. A national effect on the diesel shortage limited fuel buyers to about 60 gallons of gas max. This is all something that trucks have been lining up with about sixteen pumps. Meanwhile, more trucks stops around their had that fuel without any restrictions.

With all the supply chain woes that’s hitting the logistics industry right now, it’s all very scary and out of control. Due to high demand, there are certain petroleum stations that are not able to keep up with the drivers, being that they tend to pump out about $800 to $900 of fuel. That’s to say, the fuel depot must appear closed so that more truckers aren’t taking the remaining reserves selfishly.

Brad Jenkins, for instance, the SVP of Supply and Distribution for Pilot Companies, himself, has said id. “We are working to manage demand across our stores in the surrounding areas to maintain consistent diesel supply for our customers and guests.”

Ironically, this is all happening while there is also a driver shortage, in addition to the diesel shortage.

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