Cugnot Created The First Truck Ever: The 1796 Cugnot Steam Drag

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A lot of people will tell you that “oh, Mercedes created the first car.” That’s not the case. And before you think about getting smart, keep in mind Daimler had nothing to do with it either.

The whole Benz family is labeling some shams. To be fair, they did present motorized trucks to a public on the eighteenth of August 1896. But Cugnot? Yeah they knew what they were doing. They operated a tough to navigate machine that had one purpose only: carry artillery.

And the fascinating part is this: the way the Cugnot team designed the artillery carrier made it look less like a car and more like a truck. A Flatbed at that! However, the truck was very much in its infancy and because of that, it would end up crashing into the wall.

Cugnot built it but it must’ve been short-lived indeed. As it turns out, there were also the Thomson Road Steamers, which would be steam-strong moving vehicles. In which case they were able to transport cargo by way of pulling with separate trailer or wagon.

Sometimes there would also be a road train. And if that entry was Thomson Road Steamers equivalent of a big rig, then the Mercedes-Benz Actros. And that in itself was Daimler’s first truck, if you want to get technical about it.

Eventually, Cugnot and Daimler would be rammed out of the way by Lenoir’s Hippomobile. This was utilizing one-cylinder, as well as a spark-ignited internal combustion chamber and also hydrogen fuel. How about that, eh?

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