Cruise Ship Industry Paused Through October: Strict Policy By CDC

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I’ve only been on two handfuls of cruise ship excursions in my life. One in Europe, most in the Caribbean and two week’s worth in Alaska. The ones in Alaska are most memorable being that it was one big round trip from Vancouver to Ketchikan. I missed the friends that left me but I did manage to kiss this one girl.

How did it happen, you might ask? We were just returning from a day of exploring Skagway and I was so tired from carrying a backpack around. For some reason, upon the cruise ship, there was a load of ladies on the top deck, offering free back massages. (Clothes on, of course.) Naturally, I went for one and the girl that gave me a back massage was named Jinhee Park. I started hanging out with her and we went all around the cruise ship by foot. It was a magical time. I never felt so excited to be around a girl before. As we ended our time together –she had to leave in the morning – I gave her a kiss goodbye. It was brief but lovely. What I would do to see her again.

In any case, the cruise ship world is waiting for the growing danger of the corona. It’s all kind of something to look at in the bigger picture as something that matters more than rekindling old love memories.

If we’re to make future memories with other individuals with others, then we need to ensure the safest possible existence for us all to thrive in.

Since March 1st, of this year, 3,689 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have arisen because of the cruise ship industry. And from that equation, 41 people have died some tragic ends.

In conclusion, the CDC reminds everyone to stay at least six feet apart.

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