Container Insurance

Containers are very useful and also versatile for shipping goods. They can be shipped by train, truck, or even ship.

Containers travel to an endless number of destinations, whether within the state, across the country, or even internationally. Similar to dry van trailers, containers don’t offer special features such as temperature regulation. However, they’re different because they can easily transition to other modes of transport.

While their versatility is beneficial, containers aren’t the simplest to insure. The good news is that SafeLine Insurance has years of experience with them. We’ll put you on the right track with the best insurance you can get.

Getting Good Container Insurance

Containers have a tendency to accrue losses and are susceptible to a myriad of risks, including weather damage and human error. Consequently, the smart move is to get insurance that protects against these threats.

When it comes to container insurance, it’s important to understand intermodal trucking. This is a unique type of trucking that transports containers but doesn’t get involved in the cargo itself. Consequently, the intermodal trucker needs to get a solid insurance plan.

Intermodal truckers must meet UIIA regulations. These rules are complicated. It’s not easy to make sense of them without any real experience. SafeLine Insurance is happy to be your guide!

Our agents are standing by to help you with any questions. They will get you comfortable with all your options so that you can make the best choice possible. And they’ll do all that while getting you the cheapest rate you can get.

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