Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive insurance will pay out if your truck is vandalized.

Many things can happen that can damage a commercial truck. Even if you don’t get into a collision, plenty of things can cause damage to your vehicle. Things like fires, falling objects, and even vandalism can occur at any time. If you don’t have comprehensive insurance, you could be on the hook for these damages!

Comprehensive insurance is one of two parts of a physical damage insurance policy. The other part is collision insurance, which covers your vehicle when a collision happens. Comprehensive coverage insures you in all other situations. With collision and comprehensive coverage together, your vehicle will have protection from any kind of physical damage it may sustain. Accidents happen, but so do acts of God. With our comprehensive coverage, you’ll be safe no matter what happens.

Do You Need Comprehensive Insurance?

Comprehensive coverage is incredibly important for commercial truck owners. Although it is not a legal requirement, you don’t want to find yourself without this coverage. Can you imagine only feeling like your truck is safe while you’re behind the wheel? That’s what life is like without comprehensive insurance.

Vehicles are always at risk of being damaged. Comprehensive coverage insures your vehicle for anything that happens to it while it’s parked. That could mean that any of the following things will trigger comprehensive coverage:

  • Fire
  • Vandalism
  • Theft
  • Natural disaster
  • Falling objects

…and anything else that may happen to it! After all, this policy wouldn’t be very comprehensive if it didn’t cover everything.

As you can see, comprehensive insurance is a very important insurance policy for any trucking company. If you decide to pull the trigger on getting your business the coverage it needs, then make sure to get your policy from SafeLine! Our insurance experts know all of the relevant requirements for businesses to get the insurance coverage they need. We also stay up-to-date with all the latest DOT filing requirements so we can help our clients maintain compliance. Trust the pros at SafeLine Insurance to help your trucking business stay in tip-top shape!

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