Class 8 Trucks Available From Autocar In Form Of Severe-Duty

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Autocar had brought in a new line of trucks as of recent and the latest iteration of these vehicles is really heavy duty. This is thanks to their Badass DC-64D. (Note: “Badass” is their phrasing. Not mine.) The Dump Model joins the ranks of other Autocar originals. Such as the DC-64R trash. In addition to that, the DC-64M mixer and the DC-64P pump. According to Eric Schwartz, the president of Autocar Truck, “The DC-64D is expertly configured and solves many industry problems that other vendors don’t address.

Unlike any other vehicle in the North American heavy-duty commercial truck market, Autocar trucks are vocationally pre-engineered for seamless bodywork integration and require no significant structural modifications. As such, our trucks are safer, structurally stronger and designed to last longer, which lowers TCO (total cost of ownership) and adds to our Always Up promise. This dump truck is really tough.” As one could imagine, these vehicles come with over 100 enhancements.

Autocar is buddying up with tipper body manufacturers for helluva display when it comes to body mounting features.

Additionally, the truck has the RS Godwin SCS dump body with Hardox steel for lower weight and durability’s sake. This in turn leads to more payload capacity. From within the cabin, there happens to be a 7-inch smart driver info display is designed to be minimal to driver distraction as well as helping technicians bring driver toward the road quicker, post-maintenance. Autocar is really the purveyor of visibility with about 325 degrees of it. On top of that, there’s 30% more glass present in the Class 8 vocational truck. Exclusively coming with wraparound rear corner windows and improved rear view.

Up front, you can tell that it’s full of improved visibility also. For the DC-64D for example, they come with all sorts of engines. Like the Cummins L9, ISX12N and the X12 series engines. Additionally, the X15 is going to be ready in 2022. There’s also UltraLoft bunk configurations around for the Peterbilt 567. This comes with an UltraLoft sleeper configuration. This in particular allows the 567 to be way more spacious with the integral sleeper option in tact. This is for the benefit of customers who like the traditional pod-mounted headlights, along with the Metton hood and the steel grille. It’s stainless, of course, in which it can optimize space with varied storage options and comfort alike. There’s also about 70 cubic feet of storage with 8 feet of height. It’s Badass for sure for Autocar to have made this truck.

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